Song Kind of Journey

Song Kind of Journey

Punch fear in the face. What a great inspirational sentiment, eh? I can easily get excited at the thought of beating up my fears, but stepping into the proverbial boxing ring is an entirely different story. Too often fear convinces me I could never win the fight, so why even try? I accept defeat before the fight even starts. Man, that fear-enemy has had some power in my life!  

“…I could never win the fight…”

A few weeks ago, Chris Goeke asked me if I wanted to get together and work on song-writing. As I accepted his invitation, my inner critics started hustling my heart and making some noise. They were quick to tell me I’d make a fool of myself and failure would be imminent.

There is something powerful about engaging in the creative process. We get to use gifts that God has put inside us to make something new, something unique that comes from within… Creating requires great vulnerability, and practicing vulnerability comes with great reward. Also, it’s worth mentioning: creating is something the devil cannot do. After two evenings of lyrical and melodic explorations we did what my fear said was not possible! A song was born – thank You, God!

Power to Overcome (our new song!) was inspired by Revelations 12 and the last few verses of 1 Corinthians 15 – through Jesus we have victory and our testimony has power! There is an accuser who seeks to deceive and destroy us, but God’s word says we overcome! 

There is a song, a poem, a painting… there is some expression of a story inside you. There is a testimony of what God has saved you from and what He is saving you into. I hope the words of this song remind you that, by the power of Jesus, fear has no authority in your life. So, go ahead and punch fear in the face! The power to overcome is readily available to you!

Power to Overcome

By Chris Goeke and Jennifer Caswell (JC)

Fear says “weak,” that I’ll never be strong

But by the power of Your blood I know I’ll overcome

Fear says “slave that’ll never be free”

But I belong to You – Christ’s power lives in me!

I’ll trust you Lord, Trust you Lord

Fear has no hold on me!

When I trust You Lord, Trust You Lord

Your love – it emboldens me!

So I’ll stand, sing

Speak of all You’ve done

Declare: the blood is the power to overcome 

It’s the power to overcome

It’s the power to overcome

You put the power to overcome inside of me

Fear says “hide – you don’t want to be known”

Grace says “come as you are- you’re not meant to walk alone”

Fear says “run – ‘cause you’re too far gone”

Love says “I am your home, with Me you always belong!”

Ooh Christ in me, is victory

Ooh by His blood, I’ve been set free

Ooh He gives me strength, for every need

Fear will not imprison me, I will live free! 

Fear will not imprison me, I will live free!

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