From Fear to Freedom – Podcast

From Fear to Freedom – Podcast

Fear can paralyze the strongest heart. It can consume the trajectory of the mind. Have you been there before? Have you tasted the fear which demands you live under its control lest you utterly fail and make a fool of yourself? What about the fear that demands your constant attention and becomes the filter through which you make every decision?

Jennifer Hutsell shares her testimony, From Fear to Freedom, on the Bringing Her Hope podcast and we are excited to share it with you! Jennifer has distinct memories of fear as early as age three, and spent much of her life under fear’s weight and the lies it perpetuated. However, Jennifer received Jesus and His promise of peace that only comes from His hand (John 14:27).

Jennifer shares, “I began seeking Jesus and looking for Him to be the man in my life- to be my provider, to be my protector, to be all that He claims He can be! I wanted Him to show Himself faithful and true- and He has!”

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