Still Small Voice #KillinIt

Still Small Voice #KillinIt

This blog post is a special art contribution created by Jayce Boyd, a graduate of the Clean Heart Program at Mid-Valley Fellowship. His colorful, exciting style is matched with an important deeper meaning. Jayce shares it’s significance below.

I call it “A Still, Small Voice.” #KillinIt. The picture is loud, brash, and in your face. Much like the world we live in. Whether one is consumed with performance (the barbell), worships violence (the blue being reaching for the sword), wants to live their best life no matter the consequences (the wanted poster and the peace sign), has to look good for those around them (the iPhone), or just accepts the loss of morality society is working towards (187 is the police code for homicide), the world is bombarding us with messages that we may or may not be aware of.

In the bottom-center purple slime there’s a verse, written in plain black ink. A small, unobtrusive message. Exodus 20:13: “You shall not murder.” While the world is loud, brash, and in your face with lies and twisted perspectives, there is always a still, small voice speaking truth, life, and boundaries. 

If we aren’t listening for the voice,
and looking for truth in
the midst of the lies surrounding us,
who do we most likely hear?
God or the world?

Still Small Voice #KillinIt

Struggling With Sexual Wholeness?
Tired of Killing The Still Small Voice?

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