Praying & Anticipating

Praying & Anticipating

As a newcomer to the Mid-Valley Fellowship Staff, this is my first year getting to help prepare for the Benefit Dinner. It’s been an exciting and busy season as we work together to prepare for an event of such magnitude and importance! With the theme of this year being “journey,” we decided to film testimonies from past participants, sharing the healing work that God has done in their journey at Mid- Valley Fellowship. I had the opportunity to help with filming, and my role turned out to be a tremendous blessing, but in an unexpected way.

At first, I was focused on my job as cameraman, making sure everything was recording properly and silently lifting up each individual in prayer as they shared their story. But it didn’t take long for my heart to get pulled in. I began to see ways I could relate to each story: past struggles with shame, hiding away from relationships, and suffering childhood wounds. Their unique perspectives helped me look at my past with a new understanding, and the healing they shared inspired me to invite God to do a deeper work in the areas of my life that are still broken.

A phrase we often use at Mid-Valley Fellowship is “healing begets healing,” and that’s exactly what I was experiencing. As I listened to the stories of these men and women, God was validating the pain in my past and showing me that he has more healing to do in me too. I love how God uses one person’s experience of healing as a catalyst for another’s, and that is why I am so excited for this year’s Benefit Dinner. The work that God is doing needs to be shared and celebrated so more people can hear and begin their journey of healing. I look forward to seeing you at the Benefit Dinner as we partner together to make Jesus’ healing power known!

“Beautiful transformation! Ashes to beauty! Love it!”

“It’s so great to see God moving and restoring. Loved our table talk.”

“Great night!! Such an honor to support this ministry.”

“It was a beautiful and encouraging evening. This ministry is fulfilling the great commission.”

Mid-Valley Fellowship Benefit Dinner
Friday, October 25, 2019

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