Summer Growth

Summer Growth

An interview with community member Rebecca Pruett

Each summer, Mid-Valley Fellowship offers programs that are open to the community, focused on various topics. Some community members make MVF Summer Programs a regular part of their summer rhythm, so we thought we would check in with one of them about her experience.

Rebecca Pruett

Question: How did you hear about and get involved with the MVF Summer Programs? How long have you been attending?

I got invited by a friend to my first MVF Summer Program on Boundaries. I got hooked on that and started going every summer to whatever was offered. I learned so much. It changed my life and how I saw things. I have attended the Summer Program for five years, at least.

Question: What has been valuable to you about the Summer Programs?

The Summer Programs put me in a new place spiritually and emotionally. And the style of the programs was powerful. We were at tables with other people and processed what we learned, making it go deeper. I got to hear other people’s opinions and ideas of what was taught and explore questions that I would have never answered on my own. I’ve invited many others to take the Summer Programs after I started doing it because it so impacted my life. You learn to walk through things with other people that also have their stuff to work out. Humans want to hide their flaws. We try to put on a good front: our false self.

Question: How was it for you going through the Boundaries Summer Program when we offered it before?

When I took the Boundaries Program before (about six years ago), it took me to a place I never knew existed. I grew up with no boundaries. What were they? My mother never let me have boundaries. She took over my life, and I operated with never knowing I could have boundaries. I remember taking the class, crying because the child in me was being validated. I began understanding what it was to have boundaries. That was all new information for me to walk out. I hated confronting anyone because of the reaction I got as a child if I said anything. I never knew where I ended and other people began. I was entangled in others’ lives in ways I never should have been. But, wow, I have been empowered to do a new thing! It was healing for me to know it was alright for me to have boundaries. Jesus even had boundaries, which I never saw before. I had a huge shift in my mindset during that Summer Program.

Question: Would you recommend that others attend the Boundaries Summer Program?

Well, I would recommend everyone take the Boundaries Summer Program! It will be fun and will help you grow beyond where you’re at now. And there will be people around you to help you walk it out. I might take it again myself to see where I have changed since the last time I took it. I hope to see you there!

Join in the Fun and Growth this Summer!

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